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You wouldn’t expect an accountant to be able to shoot a sub 70 round or score a hat trick in the league final just as we wouldn’t expect you to have the specialist knowledge to sort out all the nuances of your accounts and taxes. Whether you’re signing a new deal, changing your sponsor or managing your personal appearances, you’re likely to be gaining revenue at different times from different sources. This can bring complexities so why not free up your valuable time and let us help you to make the most of your earnings

Our accountants in the UK and the US provide a complete suite of a services that will ensure that your accounts are in order.

  • Looking after all aspects of your financial affairs including general business advice and tax compliance right through to tax advice and wealth protection.
  • Working with many sports professionals means we understand your income streams and allowable expenses.
  • Wherever you are based or are competing, we can handle any international tax requirements from our offices either side of the Atlantic.

So, how can we help?

Our services are:

Accurate – We have our eye on the goal

While you’re training, preparing, committing to the challenge and striving for your personal best, we’ll do the same for you. We’ll ensure that everything is correctly accounted for. That might mean taking account of elements such as your transport to and from competitions for medical treatment or your kit (and laundry). This is all aimed at making sure you keep the maximum amount possible from your earnings.

Reliable – Our (P)ersonal (B)est keeps on improving

Just as you value dedication, hard work and an ability to handle pressure, either as an individual or as part of a team, we value the same things. We’re there for YOU whenever you need us and we’re ridiculously flexible. We’ll also work tirelessly and continue to use our expertise to guide you through any complexities that may arise.

Cost effective – A world beating record

Whether you’re trying to secure sponsorship, negotiating a new contract, coaching or it’s ‘business as usual’, our advice can reduce your tax burden. We CAN help you to keep as much money as possible from all your hard work.

Meeting your needs

Here are a few issues you might face and examples of how we can help you:

  • We’ll help you to maximise your earnings – whether you’re employed or self employed
  • Ensuring that you pay any tax twice a year via Self-Assessment, we’ll check if your income is trading income and will take into account any agent’s commission.
  • Our experts will determine the correct tax to be deducted at source.
  • In every case, we’ll advise you of all tax-deductible expenses.

‘Being a professional footballer comes with added complications, I have dealt with Andy from Axia since I moved to the UK, I always find him to be very accommodating and his advice is always professional and makes the world of UK tax easy to understand.’
Angelo Ogbonna, Footballer

We’ll help you to navigate the complexity of UK and international tax laws.

  • Allocating you your own dedicated accountant who will optimise all of your tax affairs, The Showbiz Accountant will provide you with that complete peace of mind.
  • We’ll ensure that you only pay the tax you owe, regardless of where you’re competing.
  • The UK has a Double Taxation Agreement with many countries but we can minimise the tax you pay.

We’ll help you to avoid the common tax pitfalls facing sports professionals

  • We’ll help you to take account of all expenses that can be claimed, from membership and subscription fees through to mileage costs when using your own vehicle.
  • Even if you don’t think you have any ‘fixed assets’ we’ll ensure that any deductions from your taxable income will be made.
  • Opting for ‘simplified expenses’ under the new cash basis, means you won’t be able to set off any losses against other income. However, we can ensure this doesn’t limit your expense claims.

Next steps

To find out more about how The Showbiz Accountant could help your business, call Keith Rennie (Managing Partner) in the UK on: 0203 972 0155.

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