Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management for the Entertainment Industry

Our lifestyle planning services help high net-worth individuals manage and budget themselves and their staff. We ensure that monthly payroll and expenses along with monthly income and expenditure reports are supplied to clients and management. We also ensure that all insurance requirements are kept up to date and we manage our client’s property purchases and investment opportunities. Essentially, we can help high net worth individuals in the Entertainment Industry manage any aspect of their personal life and financial commitments. Please call us on UK: 0203 972 0155 or US: +1 424 228 9700.

Services for Showbiz Professionals

We can help with a range of different services:

  • Independent commercial advice and lead generation for potential endorsement deals
  • Vehicle management solutions from sourcing to customisation
  • Financial planning to provide security for the future
  • A range of tax and accounting services for UK and Non-Domiciled clients
  • Advise and showcase potential on potential business opportunities
  • Luxury lifestyle and concierge services
  • Manage all the stress of travel from Visas to currency exchange.

Your next steps

To discuss your lifestyle management needs please contact us for an informal discussion on the type and level of service you require.