UK and US Tax returns

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If you’re an actor, a musician, a vlogger or a writer, filling out your tax return can be a nightmare.

Check out our blogs to understand the sort of expenses that you can claim or call us on 0203 972 0155, +1 424 228 9700 (US) or email us for a free accountancy review to avoid paying too much tax (or too little, which means that you’ll have HMRC breathing down your neck).

Let us sort out the details for you – quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Entertainment expertise

The Showbiz Accountant’s tax experts are ready to help. We specialise in helping people working in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera. Our experts will give you peace of mind that your tax return is correct, submitted in time, and that you’ll pay only the minimum amount of tax you need to pay.

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US Tax Returns

If you’re in the entertainment or sports sector but have been working in the US, we can advise you on US Taxation Services and can help you to prepare your Federal and State tax returns. US citizens, green card holders and residents usually need to file a Federal Tax Return even if they live in the UK.

Many of our clients have lived in the UK for several years or work in the US on a full-time or temporary basis. Most have dual tax issues both in the UK and the US. Our qualified accountants will ensure that your taxes are paid to the right jurisdiction, foreign tax credits are claimed where necessary, the Treaty between the two countries is considered, and penalties are avoided.

Our service:

We provide a full service leading to the submission of your tax return, on time and complete. Our service includes:

• A dedicated accountant
• Tax return reminders
• Tax return checklist
• Annual accounts
• Personal tax return
• Financial references
• Xero cashbook to help with record keeping

To enquire about our bespoke service, call 0203 972 0155 (UK) or +1 424 228 9700 (US) or email us.